Thinking of Running for Office? Here's How to Get Started

These five candidate training programs will help you become a seasoned political pro in no time.

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Want to run for office or simply get more involved in the political sphere? These five candidate training programs across the country will help you take the lead and get a leg up on the competition.

1) Emerge America

Six-month program for Democratic women. 150 of 213 Emerge women on the ballot in 2016 won!


2) Ignite

Teaches college and high school women to be civically engaged through conferences and online courses.


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3) Ready to Run

Nonpartisan campaign training from Rutgers’ Center for American Women and Politics.


4) She Should Run

Online incubator (five hours a week for four weeks) to start women on the path to public service.


5) VoteRunLead

Offers training, workshops, webinars, worksheets, house parties, and other events nationwide.


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