#JeSuisBruxelles: Mourners Around the World Remember the Brussels Attack Victims

They've evoked Tintin and a famous statue to show solidarity.

This morning, three explosions in Brussels, Belgium killed dozens and injured many more. In response, people around the world have taken a moment to show that they're thinking of the victims and their families, and the city that has been rocked by tragedy. On social media, they are rallying around the hashtag #JeSuisBruxelles, French for "I Am Brussels," and are using poignant images to express their grief and support.

Many people have shared images of the Belgian flag and national colors:

Others have evoked Belgium's iconic comic character, Tintin:

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Cartoonists also used Brussels' iconic "Manneken Pis" statue to show what they really think about terrorists.

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Mon coeur est à Bruxelles

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