Women Tell Donald Trump They #WontBePunished for Abortions

"We  for controlling our own lives and our own destinies."

Women spoke out last night on Twitter about Donald Trump's assertion that women who get abortions should get "some form of punishment." The hashtag #WontBePunished was started by NARAL president Ilyse Hogue.

And it quickly began trending nationally. Women also weren't having Trump's attempt to equivocate by releasing a statement saying he actually meant the doctor should be punished for performing abortions. (Reminder: Abortions are legal.)

"NARAL's hashtag gave women a way to speak out with a unified voice to express the view we all share: we won't be punished for making our own decisions about our health care," explains Kaylie Hanson, National Communications Director for NARAL. "Anti-choice politicians like Donald Trump and Ted Cruz, and the anti-choice movement at large, need to know that women won't be silenced by policies or rhetoric that interfere with our ability to make our own choices about our health care."

Here's what women were saying:

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