Ted Cruz Will Reportedly Name Carly Fiorina as His Would-Be Vice President

Fiorina is said to be his pick for a running mate in the election, should he land the GOP nomination.

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Talking Points Memo reported early Wednesday that Ted Cruz would be making a "major announcement" regarding his campaign at 4 p.m. this afternoon. And despite all that Internet chatter, it's not going to be about his being/not being the Zodiac Killer either. Instead, sources tell Politico that Cruz will announce his running mate, should he land the GOP nomination—and that his pick for the veep spot on his ticket is Carly Fiorina.

Since her exit from the pack of presidential hopefuls back in February, Fiorina has both endorsed and campaigned for Cruz, making her a not-too surprising pick (even though, of course, she dissed him on a few occasions during debates prior to her dropping out). "The Cruz campaign deliberated over whether to pick Fiorina for the last two weeks," Politico's sources continue, and has "polled the potential ticket, examining it for its prospective strengths and weaknesses." 

As much as this is a move likely designed (or at least hoping) to boost Cruz's chances in the California primary next month, it's probably also an attempt to drum up press that isn't related to Donald Trump's increasing lead in the GOP race. 

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