These Incredible Women Waited 96 Years to Vote for a Female President

About damn time.

On Aug. 18, 1920, women in the United States were granted the right to vote. Two years earlier, Estelle Leibow Schultz was born. Nearly a century later, 98-year-old Estelle cast a vote for the first female presidential nominee in American history.

At Estelle's bidding, her granddaughter, Sarah Benor, shared a photo of that special moment on Facebook in October. "I'm posting this on the request of my 98-year-old grandma, who doesn't use computers. In her words: 'Estelle L. Schultz, who was born two years before women had the right to vote, marked her absentee ballot for the first female president, Hillary Clinton.'"

Estelle's photo got so much attention in just a few days that Sarah, along with her mother, Estelle's daughter Roberta Benor, and friends Tom and Shawn Fields-Meyer, launched a website called I Waited 96 Years! There, they've been collecting photos and stories of women aged 96 and older who are voting this year.

Estelle said hat this is one of the few presidential elections she has cared about in her life—other than when Barack Obama and Franklin Delano Roosevelt were running for office, of course.

"I'm 98 years old and I would like to see a woman president lead the world," she said. "I never though I would see this in my lifetime. I feel surprise and a great, great thrill."

Proof that she was always cool, here's a photo of Estelle when she was about 24 years old and working a factory job during World War II:

"She's a very exciting person," Estelle said of Clinton. "She has policies and programs all ready to go as soon as she is elected, and they will benefit the United States of America. She's well-loved all over the world, and she is respected, and she is treated with dignity, and it's about time we did the same."

As for what she plans to do tomorrow, Estelle said, "I wish I could go out and dance in the street, but I'll just have to jump up and down in my house."

Meet a few other amazing women who waited 96 years for this—I'll be over here crying with you.

Desiline, 106

Irene, 106

Ruth, 105

Rose, 104

Jerry, 102

Juana, 102

Christine, 102

Velma, 102

Thelma, 101

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This Great-Grandmother, 99

Minerva, 99

Gladys, 96

This Grandmother, 96

Phyllis, 96

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