This Photo Of Bill Schuette Is The Most Baffling Thing I Have Ever Seen

What. Is. Happening.

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Bill Schuette is posing with firefighters in front of a burning building. I repeat: Republican Candidate for Governor of Michigan, Bill Schuette is posing with firefighters in uniform in front of a building on fire. You can see the evidence here.

I am crying. I am actually laughing so hard it has turned into a torrent of tears so violent I may drown. 2018, you're killing me with this irony.

And it's not like it's a small fire, either. Like, that is a major, life-ruining, reason-why-you-get-insurance, grab-the-kids-and-dog-and-run kind of fire. The laughs just can't stop coming.

Can you imagine how the conversation for this went down? Do you think that they all were hanging out, eating bologna sandwiches, and just happened upon this fire and just decided, "Hey, we're in our gear! This is a prime time for a photograph for the 'gram!"

"Questions into the Schuette's campaign about the thinking of the photo were not returned." FACEPALM. (Side note: Schuette's running mate lost his entire home to a traumatic fire literally last month.)

Just to remind you, Flint hasn't had clean water in 1,652 days, and Bill Schuette's office signed off on a key order from the Department of Environmental Quality that basically put the Flint water crisis into gear. The office then declined to investigate at first—and then basically dragged his feet through an investigation that wound up delayed for at least three months and appointed former Wayne County Assistant Prosecutor Todd Flood to spearhead the investigations, but turns out, hey, Flood is a donor to both Schuette and Governor Rick Snyder.

Just in case you forgot. I haven't.

Meanwhile, Gretchen Whitmer was celebrating her new bus:

Vote on Tuesday, November 6. Please.

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