The Internet Has *Feelings* About Mike Pence's Aversion to Being Alone with Women (Other Than His Wife)

You want Mike Pence jokes? Here are your Mike Pence jokes.

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If you can say one thing about the nascent Trump administration, it's certainly not boring. Nope, every day brings some fun new surprise, like threatening to take away affordable healthcare or insulting world leaders, or claiming espionage. Thankfully, some of the news is wackier, like this week's Washington Post profile of Karen Pence, which notes that her husband Vice President Mike Pence isn't allowed to be alone with other women.

The Vice President and his wife have decided as a married couple that out of respect, he won't dine alone with a woman, and that he will never consume alcohol around women. Well, to each his own, right? Different strokes for different folks? Not exactly, says Twitter. Here are a few of the funniest takes.

And now, a poem!

If this all seems just a little bit mean-spirited, a few more jokesters stepped in to point out why the Pence family is fair game.

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