How to Pronounce "Kamala Harris," Once and for All

People are constantly getting it wrong (lookin' at you, Trump).

Democratic Presidential Candidate Sen. Kamala Harris Attends Campaign Events In Las Vegas
Ethan MillerGetty Images

    When Sen. Kamala Harris announced she was running for president, the nation began to pay more attention to the Democratic senator from California, including on-air reporters discussing her political background and the issues she plans to focus on during her campaign.

    However, as most of us know, when women are leading the way—specifically women of color—there tends to be a lack of respect for common courtesies like learning how to pronounce the person's name. President Trump is a prime example of someone who recently butchered her name, reportedly pronouncing it as "Kameela" in a New York Times interview.

    Harris has struggled with the public pronouncing her name over the years, so much that she even created a video having kids pronounce her name when she was campaigning for her senate seat in 2016.

    As the kids say, it's not "CAM-EL-UH." It's not "KUH-MAL-UH." It's not "KARMEL-UH."

    It's pronounced, "COMMA-LAH."

    Here's another video that explains where Harris' name is derived from, and how not to pronounce it:

    Now that we've cleared that up, learn more about the 2020 presidential candidates here.

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