"Will You Shut Up, Man"—Joe Biden and Also Me Watching This Debate

I'm exhausted!

Voting citizens of America: I am here to let you know the first Presidential debate is going exactly how you thought it would go—it's, um, interesting, and also migraine-inducing. Republican candidate President Donald Trump and Democratic candidate and former vice president Joe Biden definitely know how to talk! But on the issue of when they should and shouldn't speak—well, Trump seems confused about that one.

It only took about 15 minutes before the debate turned from a discussion into an open mic night, with no one stopping to let the other speak. Not everyone was down with this style, though, especially Biden, who said to President Trump as he repeatedly interrupted the Democratic candidate: "Will you shut up, man?" Following with, "Keep yappin' man...That was really a productive segment, wasn't it?

Twitter and I are in an uproar, for I haven't seen something so iconic at a debate in, like, ever? Is this how people felt watching the debate on TV for the first time in 1960, as they witnessed the VERY good-looking John F. Kennedy for the first time?

A girl wonders, man. Regardless, the internet is a gem and can make something as remarkable as this debate into tweets worthy of being hung in the National Gallery of Art in Washington, D.C. Here are some of my favorites, and don't forget to vote Nov. 3:

Update, 10.41 p.m.: Biden's campaign is now selling "Will You Shut Up, Man" T-shirts.


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