Americans Want More Women in Government

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There is a record number of women serving in Congress today—20 in the Senate and 82 in the House—but with women representing 50 percent of the nation's population, that number should be much higher. Not only for gender equality, but for government productivity, too! A new Gallup poll reports that 63 percent of American adults believe our government would be in better hands if they were more women in politics. And the number of people who think so is growing: The percentage is up six percent from polls in 2000 and 1995. This opinion exists across age groups and political parties. Although, while it's a majority across the board, there are some differing numbers. More Democrats and liberals believe so (over 75 percent) than Republicans and conservatives (more around half). The numbers are also slightly higher in the 18 to 29 demographic than it is in other age groups at 73 percent compared with the 65+ set's 55 percent. And is it any wonder that people think so? Women have a bevy of highlights in office. Recently, the Senate's women in office showed their political strength when playing an instrumental role in the end of the government shutdown last fall.

Gender discrepancy isn't the only thing that people think could be improved when it comes to government. A large majority of Americans, 81 percent, believe that a background in business is also key to political success. Regardless of background, we can only hope that this poll is an indicator of a growing number of women in office.

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