Hillary Clinton Makes Hilarious Surprise Appearance on The Colbert Report

Hillary! Hillary!

A 2008 visit by Hillary Clinton to The Colbert Report

Hillary Clinton made an unannounced visit to The Colbert Report last night to promote her recently released book, Hard Choices. After entering to rousing cheers of "Hillary! Hillary!", the two chatted for a little more than six minutes about all the influential names they've rubbed elbows with. The fame-filled scenarios they boasted about include showing up in the same outfit as Nobel Prize winner Aung San Suu Kyi, sitting at the piano with Bono, and hanging with Tom Hanks at George Clooney's house, to name a few.

It was especially entertaining after Colbert's opening to the interview, which accused Clinton's Hard Choices, to be "656 pages of shameless name dropping". Short and sweet though her appearance is, we love watching our two favorite C's—Clinton and Colbert—go head to head. Watch the full interview below.

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