Rick Perry Says Pro-Life Laws Could Have Saved Joan Rivers

Confusion abounds.

Texas's statewide abortion restrictions have made worldwide news for their stringent nature. The most notable provisions is the mandate that clinics must have admitting privileges at a nearby hospital, and that they also must meet the same building code regulations as ambulatory surgical centers. And according to the state's Governor, Rick Perry, abortion isn't the only thing that these laws could prevent. During a question and answer session, Perry said that if New York health clinics were subject to the same rules as those in Texas, comedienne Joan Rivers's untimely death could have been prevented. There's no denying that some questionable activity took place on the day of Joan Rivers's endoscopy: We don't think the timing of the clinic's medical director's firing isn't just a weird coincidence. But Perry's claim sounds like a weak justification for a law that has forced over half the state's women's health clinics to shut their doors.

Watch the video below for Perry's full statement.

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