Morning-After Pill News: Officially Available Over-the-Counter for 15 and Older

The nationwide morning-after pill discussion continued late yesterday as the Food and Drug Administration ruled that the next-day birth control would be available over-the-counter for those 15 and older. Just a month ago, a federal judge stated that the pill must be sold to customers of all ages, as opposed to today's Plan B One-Step regulations. Currently, the morning-after pill is carried behind-the-counter, and is only sold without a prescription to those 17 and older.

To put this in simpler terms: Women above the age of 15 can now pick up Plan B One-Step in the "family planning aisle" — the biggest hinderance to this purchase is that proof of ID must be shown at the register. In the history of the women's health debate, it's never been easier for a woman to make a independent choice about her body as it is now.

As we wrote a month ago, we're intrigued at how — and when, for that matter — the court will address issues surrounding reproductive health and otherwise. But first women must celebrate this not-so-small victory, as this is a substantial stepping stone for women's right to choose.

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