Meet the First Female Deputy Director of the CIA!

Avril D. Haines, 43, has never worked for the CIA, but that didn't stop her from taking the number-two spot, Deputy Director, at the agency. The Associated Press announced on Wednesday that White House lawyer Haines will be taking over from Michael Morell, who had held the position since 2010. Haines previously served as the National Security Council's lawyer for three years, acting as the White House deputy counsel for national security affairs. So while this appointment is the first time she's formally dipped her toe into the Central Intelligence Agency waters, her experience with domestic and international intelligence is vast, albeit focused in the legal sect.

According to , President Obama has asked John Brennan, Obama's White House counterterrorism adviser, to return the CIA to its original, espionage-heavy mission. Enter Haines, who would tidy the organization up a bit and "help the CIA do this difficult, dangerous, dirty work under law." Now that's our kind of MC woman.

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