History Is Made Across the Pond! Great Britain Legalizes Gay Marriage

While the US's gay marriage movement just made big waves by striking down DOMA, Great Britain just one-upped us: With Queen Elizabeth II's royal approval, gay marriage has officially been legalized across the pond. The bill was made into law today after it passed through the House of Commons yesterday. The Queen's okay was only a formality, but was necessary to make the news final today when announced by the House of Commons Speaker John Bercow. The bill was only passed in Great Britain, rather than the whole United Kingdom, meaning the nations of England and Wales, but not Scotland and Northern Ireland.

However, gay couples shouldn't be heading to the altar just yet, as the law won't officially be in place until summer 2014. Additionally, the Church of England still won't conduct marriages for gay couples, though they will allow couples presently in a civil partnerships to change their legal relationship status to marriage. We can only hope the US will follow in Great Britain's footsteps!

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