Breaking: Caroline Kennedy Chosen by Obama as U.S. Ambassador to Japan

With all of this baby Prince talk (welcome home, George!), it's easy to look over another royal family so near and dear to our hearts: the Kennedys. Today, President Obama nominated Caroline Kennedy — attorney, philanthropist, best-selling author, and of course, former first daughter — as U.S. ambassador to Japan. This was a brilliant move by Obama to reward Kennedy for her help on his both his 2012 and 2008 campaigns, the latter of which was over Hillary Clinton. This was her first and only time she's publicly endorsed a presidential candidate since her uncle Ted Kennedy ran in 1980.

Okay, you caught us: We might be gushing a bit, but that's because Caroline Kennedy is more fit for a career in politics than almost anyone, regardless of her prominent familial ties. The role of U.S. ambassador to Japan is a daunting one, as maintaining, and further, strengthening the Asian tie is a key element in foreign affair policy. After more than 30 years in law and public policy, we can't say there's a better candidate for the job than her.

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