What's Your Stuff Worth?

The Recession Index

With the economy melting down and taking our credit cards with it, making the rent could mean thinking outside the box. What are you willing to sell? Here, the going rate for all of your corporeal assets (not that we're recommending liquidation).

  • BRAIN $10 an hour for university psychological studies
  • HAIR $1000 for 10 inches in good condition
  • INNER ARM $240 a month for twice-a-week platelet donations
  • EGGS $7000 to $10,000 per donation
  • HIP BONE $450 for bone marrow (note: it is withdrawn using a 5-inch needle)
  • BODY $600 to $10,000 for pharmaceutical trials (depending on duration, risk, and invasiveness)
  • KIDNEY $35,000 to $100,000
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