Mike Pence Probably Regrets This Tweet About Hillary Clinton's Email Right About Now

*cough* hypocrite *cough*

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Remember how President Trump and Mike Pence were once obsessed with Hillary Clinton's private email server, leading "lock her up" chants across the country? Right. Same.

But this week news leaked that Mike Pence had also used a private email account for official business while he was governor of Indiana—that is, the same ethical crime for which Clinton was put through the wringer. Inevitably, the internet had some thoughts about this because the internet forgets nothing.

To complicate things further, Pence's office refused to release all the emails from his account, claiming that some were too "confidential and too sensitive to release to the public."

Now this tweet from October 2016 is—understandably—coming back to haunt him:

Around the same time, Pence told CBS' Face the Nation "that literally Hillary Clinton had classified information on a private server that she said she didn't have…that, to me, is the kind of double standard that the American people are weary of."

And on that point, Pence was definitely correct.

All we can say is 😶.

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