Food for Thought: One Woman, One Brilliant Idea

Entrepreneur Jerri Chou, 30, wants people to eat for a cause.

Her inspiration: Have you attended a dinner party where people debate serious problems and lofty solutions, only to leave all the ideas and passion on the table? Jerri Chou wanted to spur people to action after dessert, so she founded The Feast Worldwide to inspire everyday people to effect change.

Her big idea: Host a dinner with friends. Pick a challenge. And, when the meal is over, commit to a social-action project. Chou says the feasts help "individuals realize they have the potential to do something."

Results: Last year, more than 500 groups organized feasts. A group in Singapore raised money to buy medical supplies for elderly people in need. Another team in Abu Dhabi in the United Arab Emirates ran workshops to encourage labor-camp workers to start their own businesses. The 2013 Feast Worldwide is set for October 18, and Chou hopes this year at least 1,000 people register online to host dinners.

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