Maryville Rape Case Gets Special Prosecutor

Find out the latest on the controversial, reopened Missouri rape case newly assigned to female prosecutor Jean Peters Baker.

The controversial alleged Missouri rape case against a then 17-year-old football player has been reopened and reassigned to Kansas City prosecutor, Jean Peters Baker. The special prosecutor appointment occurred after the Kansas City Star published a major story on the case that was dismissed in 2012.

Original prosecutor Robert Rice cited lack of witness cooperation and the then 14-year-old girl's refusal to answer certain questions by pleading her 5th Amendment rights, claims that have since been disputed by the victim's mother. Activist group Anonymous began a campaign to reopen the case by targeting Rice and other local officials, tweeting Rice's office phone number to a million or more followers and also targeting the suspect and his family.

Baker said she plans on re-examining the case closely and has said, "I can assure you politics, connections … will not play a role in [reviewing] this case," and that her special victims unit will be handling the review.