Do You Want to Get "Fake Pregnant"?

False pregnancy test, shipped right to your home!

Do you want to get "fake" pregnant? Maybe scare your significant other or maybe score a seat on the subway during rush hour (up for debate - no one lets a pregnant woman sit anymore)? Well, now you can get all of those things with a pregnancy pranking kit, according to the Daily Mail UK. Listed as a gag, the website is selling positive pregnancy tests, fake DNA tests, and even prosthetic stomachs. To make sure all of your morals are in check before purchasing (and you will not use it for the reasons above), they attach a disclaimer that reads "Not to Use This Product for Illegal and or Fraudulent Purposes." Ok, glad we have that covered!

This isn't the first time that pregnancy "gags" have been sold on the internet. Back in September, a woman from Buffalo, New York was selling positive pregnancy tests via Craigslist for $25 dollars a pop, according to CNN. I checked this morning — it seems that the same woman is still selling pregnancy tests, although the price has dropped to only $20 dollars. Maybe she also does BOGO?

I'm contemplating the purchase of the prosthetic stomach—I've always wanted to conduct a first person experiment on how many people offer their seats to pregnant women on the subway. Maybe now is my chance...


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