Texas Hospital Takes Woman Off Life Support Formerly Kept Alive to Preserve Fetus

A very sad situation comes to an end.

Courtesy of GEtty

Courtesy of GEtty

Last week when we reported that a Texas hospital forced a brain-dead woman to stay alive on life support to keep her "severally deformed" fetus alive, against her family's wishes, the situation was nothing short of horrible. After two months of keeping Marlise Munoz's heart and lungs alive, the hospital removed life support this Sunday, according to CNN.

Munoz was 14-weeks pregnant, when her husband found her unconscious on their kitchen floor on November 26. Despite the fact that Munoz was brain-dead, officials at the Fort Worth hospital said that Texas law required them to maintain life-sustaining treatment for a pregnant patient.

Although there weren't any written directives regarding her end-of-life care, husband Erick Munoz said that his wife's wishes would have been to take her off life support. According to CNN, "Erick Munoz had argued that sustaining her body artificially amounted to 'the cruel and obscene mutilation of a deceased body' against her wishes and those of her family."

Our hearts go out to the family — this is something that no one should ever have to endure.

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