10 Things No One Ever Tells You About Living Alone in Your Twenties

You're now the only one around to kill spiders and deal with the landlord.

Done with labeling your leftovers and waiting to use the bathroom? Getting your own pad is a right of passage, and you can learn a lot about yourself living solo. After all, you're now the only one around to kill spiders and deal with the landlord. Here is what you should expect:

1. Clothing becomes irrelevant. First you ditch the pants, then before you know it you're cooking breakfast in your birthday suit. You don't even own pajamas anymore.

2. You don't have to wash the dishes immediately after you cook dinner—but that's not always a good thing.

3. Friends in your neighborhood quickly become your besties. They'll grab a beer with you at the drop of a text, and they stop by with OJ when you're sick.

4. It's easy to hide. Stayed out too late? No one will know if you stay in bed all day binge-watching Orange is the New Black.

5. Cooking for one is an art. Dividing the ingredient list by two in a recipe does not mean it will turn out edible. Sometimes you opt tospend the week eating the same veggie lasagna every night and watching that bag of spinach you had every intention of eating go bad.

6. Bills, bills, bills. Oh yeah, and no one to split them with.

7. Your pretty-much-totally-empty fridge forces you to get creative with your cooking. Or get to know your Seamless delivery guy REALLY well.

8. The leftover Chinese food forgotten in the back of the fridge is definitely yours. You can't blame that rancid smell on anyone but yourself.

9. You no longer limit your singing to the shower. The whole apartment is rehearsal space for the imaginary rock concert you will be headlining.

10. You've learned to entertain yourself. Without roommates to gossip with over the latest episode of The Bachelor, you explore new interests and find new ways to keep yourself busy. Turns out, you're pretty awesome company.