How to Binge-Watch Like a Pro

Because there is no greater way to spend your day.

Free Yourself

First thing's first — cancel all plans for the day. Even if you're starting mid-afternoon, you will likely get so sucked in that any chance of leaving the house later on is zero to none. While you're at it, silence your phone, because nothing ruins a marathon than a weekend work-related crisis. #SorryImBusy

Stake Out Your Territory

This one's tough. Lay in bed, and you may be tempted to fall asleep after hour five. Sit at the table, and your lower body could go numb. The couch is usually a winner, but do feel free to grab a blanket. This is your holiday.

Stock Up

Pausing a pivotal moment of a binge-watching experience to do anything other than pee is, well, unthinkable. Stock up on the essentials: Tissues (for when you laugh and/or cry), water (for when you become dehydrated after said cry), and snacks — something salty and something sweet so you can satisfy whatever craving may come. Preparation is key.

Make the Choice

You must choose wisely what you wish to watch. Knowing that you will likely be watching an entire season (or even complete series) in one sitting, this decision can make or break you. Choose something too in-depth and you may never leave the house again. Choose something too short, and the show might be over before it gets dark out.

Press Play

Log into Netflix or HBO Go. You've committed. You're in this. Don't get distracted by Facebook notifications or roommates — you're better than that.


Binge-watching is truly a sport — it takes stamina and willpower to meet the end result. If you're getting restless, a 5-minute break is appropriate to regain feeling in the legs.

Order In

Dinner? What dinner? Meals become less and less important the further you move away from the pilot. Come to terms with the fact that you're not cooking tonight and pull up the number for your favorite delivery — Chinese food or pizza is usually the perfect greasy component to a marathon.

Finish Strong

It always ends with the same struggle: Do I go to sleep before it becomes 3 a.m., or just finish the last few episodes? If a show is that good, it's hard to resist the latter. Once all is said and done, you can just pass out on the couch. We won't judge.


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