My Hot Summer Looks for Women

Guys definitely notice a girl's style. Sometimes I'm completely sold on how a girl dresses or how she does her hair. I can remember times when my friends and I have been heading home after meeting some girls and picking out a girl who was dressed really hot—and talking about her at length.

The ultimate look is sexy, cute, hot all combined. I once tried to define these words, but perhaps a girl can just define them in her style.

As we start getting towards the end of Summer, I wanted to lay out my favorite Summer looks on girls:

Jeans with heels

OK, so I did complain when I went out with a girl who wore heels to a sporting event, but I really like the jeans with heels look when appropriate. It's sophisticated and sexy. I think black heels look the best with jeans. In terms of the heels themselves, I'm really not an expert on this, but the heels that have that 40's style to them are really cute on girls. The jeans with heels look goes across all seasons.


This is so cliché but they look so hot. Sundresses seem to pick up the summer breeze and refract the sun's rays...they are magical. The other day my friend and I saw a gorgeous girl riding her bike in a sundress and we stared, mesmerized, while he remarked:

"All these girls riding around their bikes in's just not fair."

Tank Tops

I think tank tops are really cute, especially when a girl's hair comes down over the front of her shoulders. Doesn't matter whether the straps are spaghetti, whatever the opposite of spaghetti is, tank tops are hot. Because I tend to look at a tank top in tandem with a girl's hair, it's sexy when the girl complements her hair color with the color of the tank top. The only downside (and yet upside) or a tank top is sometimes I stare at/into the wrong places. I do my best not to do that though.

Super Obnoxious Preppy Look

On the East Coast, Summer is the time for boating, beach towns, and cookouts. Once I was down at Dewey Beach, DE at a bar called The Lighthouse and spotted a girl in a rugby shirt with its collar popped and shorts. Perhaps it was my Baltimore private school upbringing...but whatever the case, I was so intrigued by her. I love when girls look like they just stepped off a yacht in the Summer: hair up in a pony tail, oxford button down or rugby shirt, and shorts, sneakers, cardigan, sweater over the shoulders. Very cute. But please don't act the part too—look obnoxious, but be sweet.


I'm surprised that, lately, short skirts are not sexy to me. Are they out now? I actually have been finding skirts just above the knee sexy, in white, tan, or another stone-type color. Random...maybe it's the preppy thing?

Hair and Accessories

In the summer, long hair (unfortunately with all the heat) is sexy. I was walking with my friend the other day and her hair kept picking up the breeze and blowing around. Somehow, she had done her hair so it would blow around in an organized fashion without getting messed up. So beautiful. As far as accessories go, flip flops are always cute—and (I promise I don't have a foot fetish!) I admit I notice a cute pedicure. Girls know how to match bags with their outfits better than I do, so I'll just say—I notice when the whole production works.

Most guys don't like it when they see too much skin too fast. I've never approached a girl that looked "slutty". Above all else, please be comfortable in what you wear. No guy is worth sacrificing your comfort and personal tastes for.

Guys don't get too many clothing choices during the summer: shorts and t-shirt. I've been trying to find fun retro t-shirts, stocking up on obnoxious Lacoste oxfords, and putting together some obnoxious preppy looks myself: maybe those shorts with whales on them? But what do you like to see guys wearing during the summer? And what are some of the looks that you like to sport in the summer—what summer look seems to attract most guys for you? Is my list pretty typical of a guy, and am I forgetting anything?

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