Where's The Craziest Place You've Had Sex?

As most of you know by now, I'm pretty skittish when it comes to sexual encounters. I usually worry, and I usually expect too much. This is probably why I'm still haven't had great sex.

I never thought that trying something kind of different would help me, but maybe it would. Hell, I might as well. I didn't take my chance I was offered when I worked at Fashion Week by the catering girl who wanted to get it on right at the event.

But one time, I did go with the moment and, at the very least, it helped me create a good answer for the question:

Where's the craziest place you ever had sex?

It happened with my girlfriend in college. We went out to dinner one night at Kate's, one of the popular University of Delaware hangouts. I remember leaving dinner with a huge shopping bag full of food we didn't finish. We were walking down Main Street toward our houses when she told me she had to use the bathroom.

We were right by Old College, one of the stateliest buildings on campus. But we were very close to our houses too. In those days short times and distances seemed so long, so we ended up on the first floor of Old College, in barely lit hallways around 9PM.

I hung out in the hallway with my shopping bag full of food while she used the bathroom. She came out and, for some reason, instead of walking out we decided to check out one of the classrooms. I had never been in a classroom at night (I hadn't been in many by the light of day either).

We were kind of hanging out in the corner of the classroom by a window when I noticed her giving me that look. That look is the look of desire that even the most clueless of guys (like me) can figure out. So, we started making out right at the windowsill of Old College in the classroom and it quickly escalated into sex.

My mind was full of thoughts at this point. The main was that this was kind of cool and that it was crazy how we were having sex in the window of a classroom when in a few hours it would be full of students. I felt kind of proud of myself for trying something so risky and spontaneous. This was one of the rare times during sex that I was not wondering if there were better things going on somewhere else. Of course, practicality still lingered in my head: I occasionally glanced down at the giant shopping bag and wondered if my leftovers would go bad if this went on too long.

This was one of my better sexual encounters. Maybe it was because what we were doing was so out of the ordinary that the regular things I worried about: am I doing this right, is she happy, etc. were so insignificant in comparison to the shit that would have hit the fan if we were caught in the act. The moment started quickly, it was not contrived and this led me to give myself to it a little more. Also, the moment was so different from the conventional, going back to someone's place and getting it on, it was a bit refreshing.

I never thought I really liked this girl that much, but in order to do that I must have. I think there must be a high level of comfort and trust for a moment like this to occur. Also, you need to be of a common mindset and share a mutual desire for adventure and discovery.

Perhaps I just need to find a challenge, and someone who helps me push boundaries for good sex. I don't know.

I rarely get to write about good sex, but this was pretty good...though I didn't orgasm. Yes, I'm so normal.

So there's mine. But you tell me, where was the craziest place you had sex, and what the story with it? Was it good sex or bad sex?

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