Angry Democrat Women Hate Me

For those of you who missed the hate-fest against me on, take a quick look at the fallout over my Sarah Palin post. I'm not really Republican or Democrat-I have mixed views. However, I find the angry Democrat girls more fun to annoy...

For those of you who missed the hate-fest against me on, take a quick look at the fallout over my Sarah Palin post.

For the record, I'm not really Republican or Democrat-I have mixed views. However, I find the angry Democrat girls more fun to annoy during arguments.

I'd walk up to some angry Democrat girl and say:

"Eh, once you're making over $60,000, you'll turn Republican."

Obnoxious, I know. But, hey, I have sisters so I'm blessed with an antenna that can seek and attack any girl who is the least bit annoyed at a given moment.

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Please note that not every Democrat female is angry. I've hung out with a lot of fun Democrat girls who put their views aside when judging people. Any political discussion we have is civil and we actually listen to one another.

Angry Democrat girls are bent on making me feel guilty. They tell me I have bad environmental habits. One time, I was walking by a group of people complaining about something on behalf of the Democrat party in Union Square, and some girl thrust a sign in my face that read:

"God hates you."

I thought to myself: "well, of course God hates me, but wow-who are you to tell me that?"

Republican women just scare me. They are brutal and unforgiving. They get mad at me for not understanding finance, or wasting time caring about the environment.

So, am I bad about the environment, or am wasting time because I care about it? I can't win!

But the Jezebel audience was full of angry Democrat women just waiting to attack. I wrote a very non-partisan blog about admiring Sarah Palin for having attractive qualities in a female such as passion and drive. I mentioned that if I married her, I could live out my dream of sitting at home. Look, I don't want to do nothing, I like writing music and reading and I'd love to have a garden if I was First Dude.

But those democrat women attacked me for saying, in essence, that I wanted to be a stay-at-home dad who married someone who was the bread winner. How would they have reacted had I said:

"Sarah Palin shouldn't be running for Vice-that's a man's position. But at least she has a good body after having five kids."

Note that I didn't say one thing about Palin's physical appearance in my previous blog.

But man, I think Jezebel's audience just wants to be mad at someone. One girl picked on my eyebrows and that seriously made me feel bad. Remember, I mentioned how much I hate my brows. So mean. Some of them gleaned that I was "apathetic" from reading some of my other blogs.

I am apathetic because I meet a lot of girls who are angry, sad, don't laugh at anything at all, or they are really boring. If you met a string of people like that, you'd be apathetic too.

I expect to feel intense emotion from a kiss, or hug, or experience with a girl. I expect to create memories with a girl that I can feel for years afterward...the kind I used to create when I was younger. If anything, this is the opposite of apathy, I'm longing for a sensual and memorable experience all the time.

Who am I hurting when I say I want a strong woman who can take care of me? I am disorganized, and I don't like to think about practical things. This is a weakness I am aware of, and I'm trying to find a girl who can help fill this void in my life with a pretty smile and a high tolerance for the goofy mistakes I make.

Problem is, I keep running into girls like the ones on Jezebel who want to be angry and want to complain, and-yes-even make derogatory comments about my physical appearance. So, that breeds apathy. And, I admit, I love taunting people who are constantly annoyed and angry. As long as I keep doing that, those angry Democrat women will not go for me. And, as you can tell, that doesn't bother me one bit.

Have you ever broken up over political views? Is it possible that you can't date someone just because of their political affiliation?