What I Learned from Those Stupid "He Went to Jared" Commercials

She also mentioned that it was the first date she went on where the guy talked about his balls. (Disclaimer: I really don't remember doing this)

The Jared commercial is based on two women reveling in the fact that one of them has just gotten engaged and, on top of this, the future husband bought the ring at Jared. Watching these women get together and celebrating over the fact that:

"He went to Jared," in those terrible commercials got me thinking.

Women love to report to their friends about their guy. Is my standing in a relationship dependent on whether or not she has great things to report to her friends, a la "he went to Jared"?

When a girl at work receives flowers from her guy, the women in the office are abuzz with the event. After exhausting the discussion, they all return to their desks, wondering when their boyfriends/husbands are going to send them flowers so they can tell their friends about it.

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In my field, "word of mouth" is known as the Holy Grail of advertising.

This means that, while we can show tons of beautiful ads to potential consumers, nothing beats a friend or family member endorsing a product to those consumers. We trust our friends a lot more than we trust ads, and we enjoy talking about things we love.

One time in college, I made out with this girl-nothing big-I just made sure to pay a lot of attention to what she wanted. I figured, I wouldn't be happy unless she was happy during the makeout.

A few days later, I was told by her friends that she said I was "the best makeout she ever had." Nothing to be proud of, considering my competition is the entire male race - who I do believe are clueless and sometimes selfish in bed. But I was able to piggy back that comment: I made out with some other girls that heard the story, and constantly discussed it with girls who brought up the comment.

So, I think that giving a girl something to talk about must be just as important as behaving correctly in a relationship. Or, maybe the two go hand in hand.

But, the more I can strategically time my great moves-and cause my girlfriend to create a press release ("He went to Jared"), the more I'll look great in front of her, her friends, and her family.

So far I haven't done many things that were worth of press releases from girls I've been involved with. While I may have that great comment from college, I also have some of these:

As you can see, I'm not the best marketer. I need to work on it: give her something to talk about, excitedly like "He went to Jared."

But from now on, maybe I'll pay attention to things I do: are they press-release worthy? Will she want to share this with her friends? All I have to do is get her talking to her friends about me and how cute/sweet I am, how great my actions are, and she'll be mine!

On the other hand, I envision constant errors I make looking like those lists of bad product reviews on Amazon: she tells her friends how much I suck and then they just tee off: "I've been trying to tell you how much he sucks!"

Am I right that women love to talk about their boyfriends with their friends, and it's a huge part of the relationship? Does talking about it with your friends and getting positive reaction from them make you like a guy better? Do you all want to have "He went to Jared" moments with your friends?