Do You Have a Prince Charming?

Rich's jadedness has not yet caused him to lose his hopes for romantic possibilities.

Sleeping Beauty
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My jadedness has not yet caused me to lose my hopes for romantic possibilities — I still believe anything is possible.

A lot of us grew up watching Disney Movies. I once sung "Part of Your World" from The Little Mermaidat an office karaoke party and, by the time I the song was over, I was the only one singing — everyone else stared with their mouths agape because they could not believe I had mastered the lyrics so thoroughly. So, I suppose I've watched my fair share of Disney movies. Because of these movies, a lot of us unconsciously hope we will some day get swept off our feet by Prince Charming.

Most of us, myself included, dream of that super-romantic meeting or story. I've missed the boat on a high school or college sweetheart. I've never had the romantic comedy meeting where I turn the corner on the street, bump into that girl, and lock eyes and know she's the one. And I haven't arrived to sweep a damsel in distress off her feet.

In every Prince Charming story, there is someone in distress: Sleeping Beauty is awakened from a spell-induced sleep by a kiss from a prince. A prince saves Snow White after she bites a poisoned apple. But how possible is this in real life?

It might be more possible than we think.

Everybody has a spell-induced sleep, or that poisoned apple. A bad week at work for me last week was my poisoned apple. Every night, I'd get home, and I'd think about how nice it would have been to have someone cute to hang out with and forget about work. So, when we are under that bad spell, the significant other we have, is the one who can sweep us off our feet and take us away from it all.

Their existence doesn't have to be magical.
 In fact, real-life Prince Charmings save us from every day things: bad work days, stress from fighting traffic, or helping out after we've argued with a friend. It's not one big event that makes a Prince Charming, but a series of little things — just letting you know they are there for you.The process of being swept off your feet is not done in one moment, but a longer process.

In the real world we just don't trust anyone that fast (I'm sure in real life if you were awakened by a kiss from a stranger, you'd be a little freaked out, even if he was hot). It takes a special person to know just what to say and do when we you are stressed.

The one good thing about Disney movies, other than the fact that they have good music, is that they show me that I need to find a figurative Prince Charming and be a figurative Prince Charming to that special person in my life.

Does your significant other have Prince Charming qualities that help you in times of stress? Do you have Prince Charming duties as well? Do you agree that it is tough to emulate the fairy tale story, but that there are elements of fairy tale in real life relationships?