How to Survive Your First Vacation as a Couple

Four steps to a successful first trip with your significant other.

The first vacation with a significant other can make or break a happy union. We asked the members of Marie Claire Ask & AnswerMarie Claire's online Q&A community for dating, sex, and relationship advice—about their recipes for getaway success.

Rest Up

Answerology member Anonymous warns, "Make sure you are WELL RESTED." When she went on vacation with her boyfriend, things started to fall apart when he didn't feel well on their first night. "It wasn't so much sick, it was tired," she says, "and he's so melodramatic about illness/fatigue. It spoiled the first night for me, and I'd warned him the night before to get his rest in so we could have a fun and active time. I ended up going out by myself. We made up fine, but it stung that he didn't at least try to muster up the energy for a short walk." If you know you tend to get cranky and snap when you're tired or hungry, make sure you plan for that so you don't end up taking it out on your unsuspecting partner.

Just Say Yes

It's surprisingly easy to forget, but you're going on a vacation to have fun and relax, so above all, make that your priority. shopgirl0710 says "Let loose and show a relaxing side of you. Be up for anything and everything." Say yes to trying new activities, eating new foods, and sleeping in late. Shake up your routine and you can shake up your relationship…in a good way!


Unless your interests are creepily in sync, chances are both of you will have to meet in the middle somewhat during your trip. Answerology member Jjcabin suggests that, "You choose an activity for one day, he chooses one for another day, and one day you have some separate time. The rest of the time, do a join activity." Play around with this formula to find what works for you, but keep in mind that you're not on vacation alone…and if you don't want to end up alone by the end of the trip, you might have to give in sometimes.

Play Up Your Strengths

Answerology member Singledad281 tells women that it's easy to have a great vacation, so long as "you do all the asking for directions." Cliché, yes, but he may be on to something. For a stress-free vacation, do what you're good at. If you're great at organizing and finding great deals, take over the reigns when it comes to planning your days and hunting around for the best price on a hotel. If she's great with foreign languages, have her be your ears and your translator. You'll wow each other and work together to make it a smooth trip, which can only bring you closer!