Could Cleaning Your Bathroom Get You Laid?


Woman sat on top of man
(Image credit: Getty Images)

Turns out that less is more even when it comes to getting in the mood. According to a study in the Daily Mail, simple changes, including fresh bed sheets, can serve as major turn-ons, particularly for women. The study also showed that curious activities like men cleaning the house and women going out with work friends also made the list. Perhaps unsurprisingly, another top turn on factor for women was losing weight. For men, a night out with the guys, a hot bath, and winning a sum of money also topped the list. Though one might not associate such activities with inspiring foreplay, factors in feeling frisky are embedded in our instincts. As such, winning at something can spike adrenaline and lead to feeling more aroused. "Winning causes our brain to flood with excitatory neurotransmitters which are also released during sex, so it feels more intense," said psychologist Tracey Cox in an interview with the Daily Mail.

So why does "cleaning the house" rank as a top 10 turn-on for men? "Because the majority of men do not see it as their 'job,' they feel a level of achievement," Cox said. The domino effect of cleaning the house leads to a partner feeling happy and providing them with a "reward," such as sex.

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