The Essentials You Need for 700+ Miles of Fashion Week

Packing insights from a busy person who always needs to look stylish.

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Fashion week seems glamorous—and plenty parts of it are—but there's also the realistic side of things. Packed schedules, tight deadlines, and lots of travel are just three of the things that can leave influencers, writers, and editors feeling and looking exhausted.

The London-based Australian Hermione Underwood (aka @hermioneolivia) has clients and projects that demand her attention throughout the season. And since it is fashion week, there's an undeniable necessity to look pulled-together while burning the candle at both ends. Below, a look at the essentials she always has in her suitcase.

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"My fashion week this year will include shows in London and Paris. It’s generally a mix of runway shows, presentations, and events, but it’s also a really good opportunity to find time to catch up with friends in the industry, whether they're designers, journalists, bloggers, PRs, or brand managers. That’s the fun part—catching each other amongst the madness."

With her varied schedule in mind, it's not surprising that her must-pack list starts off with essentials that are practical for showing up on time and looking refreshed.

"I am practically blind and live in contact lenses. Between the travel, long days, and late nights, I really depend on LUMIFY [Redness Reliever Eye Drops] to help my eyes look whiter and brighter and save me from looking tired," she says. [Editor's note: product is only available in the U.S.; wait ten minutes between use and putting in contact lenses.]


Once that's packed away, she looks to her tech. "I can’t live without my laptop, phone, and camera. My camera is compact, takes high-quality pics, and easily transfers them onto my phone with a WiFi function."

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Heading to and from shows means there's a good chance of getting snapped by street style photographers, so what you wear really does matter. Unpredictable weather and a schedule that's often not cemented until hours beforehand makes it very tricky to pack, so Underwood counts on staples that she can make work for a range of possibilities. Top of her list? A favorite black blazer.

"I’m blazer obsessed and never travel without one. They dress up any look with ease. I'm a sneaker girl too—they make travel easy and comfortable."

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And contrary to what you might assume, fashion girls don't always travel with suitcases and suitcases stuffed with outfit options and tons of shoes. Case in point? Underwood's laid-back attitude translates to her far-from-overstuffed packing strategy. "I love to pack and travel light, so I depend on accessories to mix up a look, whether that be sunglasses, handbags or jewelry."

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(Image credit: Abbie Roden)

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