Guide to Luxury Shopping in Beverly Hills

Guide to Luxury Shopping in Beverly Hills

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There is a reason the Beverly Hills (opens in new tab)evokes images of red carpets, bikini-clad blondes, and rock star fantasies. The town knows how to play up style, and always in the most over-the-top fashion. L.A.'s most glamorous town is wrought with the most lusciously extravagant boutiques and indulgent displays. In the 90210 no one blinks an eye at a red carpet, but red soles are worth a second look. Christian Louboutin (opens in new tab) has emerged as the master of platform pumps.. Balancing over-the-top lines with less extraordinary particulars, Louboutin produces entrancing, but never gaudy, heels. Leave it to the Hills to find a way to make the most relaxed attire turn luxe. For underneath essentials wander into La Perla (opens in new tab) Beverly Hills' supplier of the most dramatic and intricate lingerie available. Yes, the prices are unbelievable considering how little fabric you are actually buying, but with such sophisticatedly sexy pieces the lusty garments are worth every penny. In Beverly Hills, everything comes high-whether in the form of Taschen's stunning tomes, Le Palais de The's top-of-the-line tea, or cupcakes at Sprinkles (opens in new tab), the Magnolia bakery of the west coast.. These palm-sizes treats have become a phenomenon, and with one bite you will understand why. Choose from 12 daily flavors, one of the 6 classics, or have the true Sprinkles experience and take home a box to freeze!

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