10 Ways to Not Be a Basic on Your Long Weekend

Life's *not just* a beach.

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Long weekend season is nearly upon us, which means we'll be fighting the workday doldrums by fantasizing about how we'll be spending them. But if experience has taught us anything, they go by faster than you can say "How about we..."and are much more exciting when you think outside the go-to BBQ and beach plans. With that in mind, here are some cool, un-basic ways to spend your three-day weekend:

Opt for a drive-in movie.

Sadly, drive-ins are a bit of a lost art in the U.S. and nowhere near as convenient to come by as your local AMC theater. But they're so worth the drive (especially if you can catch a double feature). Since summer is chock-full of blockbusters, check out driveinmovie.com to find the closest options near you. If it's far, make a day or overnight trip out of it.

Go to an outdoor theater show.

One a beautiful spring or summer night, indoor theater might feel a bit caustrophic. From Shakespeare in the Park to a feel-good musical, check your local listings for what's going on in your area. Grab a blanket, sneak in a thermos of wine (you didn't get this advice from us), and a sprawling picnic blanket and enjoy some fine arts under the stars.

Try a dinner cruise.

Being water-adjacent during the warmer months just doesn't get old. Whether you've got dinner plans with your beau or it's girls night out, nix your regular joint in favor of a dinner cruise with a reservation on the water.

Rent a house with your friends.

Long weekends are nothing if not a chance to get away. To ensure you don't fall into a stay-at-home slump, go in on a house with your friends. You'll save money, be able to carpool, and it'll become a summer-long, weekend warrior party. Trust.

Hit every one of your *must-see* concerts.

Live music + warm weather = happiness. That's our formula. But more often than not, we're too late to buy tickets or somehow missed that they were happening until after the fact (thanks, Instagram). To ensure you've got your concert schedule down pat, sign up for alerts on bandsintown.com.

Just get in the car.

Go for a drive and get lost. Seriously, it's the ultimate adventure and a good way to find hidden gems that are just a car trip away. Plus, it's decidedly less intimidating/anxiety-inducing knowing that Google Maps can take you home once you've had your impromptu fill.

Try a staycation.

Use Airbnb as a more wallet-friendly to going away. Whether you live in a cosmopolitan city or in a rural area, you can discover a completely different part of town or just snuggle up inside a completely different living environment. A beach cottage with water views? Yes please.

Give home-exchange a go.

It doesn't have to be as far away as Iris and Amanda in The Holiday and can still yield the same euphoric rewards (and it's F-R-E-E). Fingers crossed a Jude Law look-alike shows up at your front door.

Go glamping (or just camping).

Sometimes, it's easy to forget that no matter where you are, you're surrounded by nature that deserve some real face time. Whether you're down with a tent or rent a high-tech RV, get a group together and hit a local camp site—preferably one with bad cell service for the ultimate escape from work e-mails and social media FOMO.

Have yourself a casino night.

Even if you don't fancy yourself a gambler (or have the disposable income to spend if you do), a casino night is a fun excuse to get a group of friends together and dress up as if you're rolling with the Rat Pack.

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