Attention, Travelers: Here's When to Book Your Holiday Flights to Get Them Super Cheap

Insider secrets, right this way.

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Dreaming about Christmas in August doesn't make you a season pusher—just a thrifty flyer. 

According to SkyScanner, there's no time like the present, specifically this week (August 10-August 16) to book your flights for all the holidays, namely Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year's Eve. This is because the airlines have moved on from summer and are currently pricing for the holidays, which means the cheapest fares are up for grabs at this very moment.

Skyscanner determined this by analyzing 2014 purchasing patterns, observing that tickets purchased during this week last year resulted in savings of 5.5 percent for Thanksgiving week, 19 percent for Christmas time, and 15 percent for New Year's Eve. All of which are not too shabby considering what a money-suck air travel can be—especially for procrastinators.

Whether you're going home for the holidays (good luck!) or you want to make like RiRi and give us all the tropical vaca FOMO, lock your flights down now, because these prices could very well be going up on a Tuesday—as in tomorrow

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