7 Photos That Will Convince You to Try Confetti Hair This NYE

It's the ultimate festive hair hack.

Sequins and confetti are to New Year's Eve what tinsel and lights are to Christmas. They're practically a given. Here's the thing though—the past few years I've found myself in a sequin-dress-clad rut. I want to be festive, but not at the price of being hopelessly unoriginal. Enter: confetti hair, the latest Instagram-worthy trend incorporating tried-and-true, disc-shaped embellishments in the most unexpected way—by sprinkling them over the crown of the head. As daring a look as it may be, you can rest assured that it's lazy-girl-proof, requiring no more than a flick of the wrist and hair gel to make the sequins stick. Here, find proof that confetti hair is everything, on everyone.

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As far as making it one of the biggest hair embellishment trends of 2015, all the credit goes to designer Ashish Gupta, who gave all his models confetti hair—from neon-hued to star-shaped—on his Spring 2015 runway. And it looks ravishing on brunettes...

and redheads...

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and raven-haired ladies.

And yes, even blondes.

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Another beautiful thing about confetti hair is that it's totally squad-worthy—i.e. the motto "the more the merrier" totally applies here. Get your friends in on the action.

Plus, rainbow sequins have magical you-can-wear-'em-with-anything powers. Whether you're making just as much of a shiny statement with your outfit or sporting your go-to LBD, confetti hair is as versatile as a classic red lip.

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But while Ashish put the trend on our radar this year, confetti hair has actually been around for decades. Instagram user @karli_michelle shared this vintage snap of her hippie-happy mom donning a flurry of sequins upon her long, pin-straight hair. What's old is new again.

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