Tech for the Working Girl

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Here's to the savvy working girl. You're on the fast track to

success and you've got the most important aspects of your life all

wrapped up. From one career-minded woman to another, here are some

gadgets that will help you rock it to the next level.

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MacBook Pro

This computer highlights your best qualities: you're stylish, smart,

and you know what's up. With this machine you can work on anything

that's thrown at you and wrap it up in a cool, multi-media package

thanks to the iLife suite that comes with the machine. Instant access

to tools that help you create blogs, movies, photo albums, and more

will easily set you apart from the rest of the chicks in your office.

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3-in-1Breakfast Maker


care about eating breakfast, but I care more about getting to work on

time. I need every bit of help I can get in the morning. You have to

see it to believe it, but this machine can make coffee, toast and eggs

all at once and have them ready for you in just minutes! You can get a

balanced meal and make it to work on time. Every working woman needs

one of these.

Thirsty Light


I work so much my green thumb has turned brown. These little sticks

will help your plants stay alive and get your thumbs back to that

brilliant shade of Kelly green with the blink of a light. When you see

it flash, it lets you know it's time to give a little H2O love to the

plants in your place.

Nokia Wireless Keyboard


of you already have a Blackberry or another PDA device you're addicted

to, so I won't give you a newer, better option just yet. These kinds of

devices are essential to running your business when you're making deals

on the road, but are often limiting when it comes time to type out long

documents. The Nokia Wireless Keyboard is a fully functioning Qwerty

keyboard that folds up into CD case-sized unit – making it easy to

throw in any bag and take with you! Through your phone's Bluetooth

connection, this baby allows you to utilize your PDA more like a

computer to get the job done fast.

Digital Voice Recorder


yourself (or your boss and coworkers) with this voice recorder, then

let the lovely little robot inside turn it into text. Imagine the

possibilities: you can zone out a bit during a long meeting and still

get the job done! Of course, you would never do that, but in case you

happen to be dealing with 1,000 other things as your boss is running

through your to-do list, now you have a backup system that will assure

your every "i" will be dotted and "t" will be crossed. With a capacity

of 185 hours, this device truly has you covered.

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The Orbit Portable Speaker

Work will always be rocking thanks to this little portable speaker with

a surprisingly big sound. Keep it on your desk or take it with you on

location to help energy levels stay up. Use it with any MP3 player

you've got.



you have a million things running through your head at once, you may

need a new system for keeping track of all your to-dos. I often have to

leave myself messages as a reminder and eventually I'll listen to it

and write it down on a piece of paper that I could possibly lose.

Needless to say, this system doesn't work. But I've found the perfect

solution: Jott. With this free service, I simply call my Jott number

and voice the message to the service. In turn, Jott emails or texts me

with my note right that instant. You can also use the service to call

in reminders or add tasks to an online calendar all through voice

recognition technology.

Belkin Cush Top


working girls everywhere are never far from their computers. So keep it

comfortable, ladies, with this lap top cushion that rules. It's

ergonomically the best solution for computing while you're chillin' on

the couch, catching up on Perez or working on a document. I love the

way this thing feels, functions, and keeps things looking good in my

living room.

Mimobot USB Storage Drives

Transfer those important files from your office PC to a clients' system

in style with these friendly little storage drives that will quickly

become your travel companion. They're cute and can hold anything from

music and documents to videos and passwords. Load up all four gigs to

have all your important documents with you at all times – never leave

home without your bot!

Sneak Peek – Coming Soon!

Texas Instruments Pico Projector

Make a lasting impact on that group of old-school Luddites when you

bust out your cell phone, pull up your PowerPoint, then project it on

an open wall like it ain't no thang. They'll have no choice but to just

look at you and say, "Yes!"

Cat Schwartz, eBay Gadget Director

Cat Schwartz is one of the leading tech experts in the country, widely known for her electric commentary on the hottest gadgets and how to use them. Cat gained a dedicated following after developing new high tech ways to distribute TV content over the Web, followed by her show on TechTV, "The Screen Savers." As eBay Gadget Director, Cat educates consumers on the wide array of consumer electronics available on the site. She regularly appears on the TODAY Show, offering a fresh, easy-to-understand approach to consumer electronics. She has also appeared on "Howard Stern," "Live with Regis and Kelly," and the CBS Evening News. For more information, visit

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