Extracurricular Cool Women

If these women weren't cool enough, their hobbies just took them over the edge. See what these busy bodies do in their spare time.

erika christensen
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    Geared Up


    Profession: Star on NBC's Parenthood

    Obsession: Cycling

    How'd you get into biking? My buddy lost about 100 pounds cycling. He took me on a 31-mile loop. I was hooked.
    How many bikes do you own? One hybrid and two road bikes.
    Weekly mileage? Two hundred miles, at peak.
    Best way to ride? In a group.
    Most surprising place you've biked?
    To tape a TV interview.
    Padded shorts? I wouldn't go more than 10 miles without them.
    Ever crash? I was descending a somewhat infamous hill in Brentwood and hit my brakes too hard. They locked. Classic operator error. I fell and broke my wrist. We couldn't shoot around it on Parenthood, so [my character] Julia "fell ice skating."
    When'd you get back on the bike? I rode with my cast! — Marnie Hanel


    First stop: Ask to be fitted with equipment at a bike shop.

    Erika's picks: I. Martin bike (from $729), Rapha jersey ($160).

    RJ Shaughnessy
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