Amy Schumer's 'Trainwreck' Has Some Very Interesting Titles in Other Countries


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As it turns out, the word "trainwreck" is pretty difficult to translate in other languages. (Or is it the idea of a messy but empowered woman that's so hard to grapple with?) Regardless, the 11 different international titles for Amy Schumer's debut film are hilarious and fascinating and maybe a little bit sad.

While some countries stuck closely to the train theme like Czech Republic's Derailment, some veered far off track. Like France, who opted for a more blunt approach.

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Translated by Mashable, here's a list of alternative monikers the world has given Schumer's summer blockbuster.

Italy: 'A Disaster Girl'

Hungary: 'Disaster'

France: 'Crazy Amy'

Finland: 'Just the Night'

Germany: 'Dating Queen'

Czech Republic: 'Derailment'

Canada (French title): 'Hopeless Case'

Bulgaria: 'Total Damage'

Russia: 'A Girl Without Complexes'

Portugal and Poland: 'Derailed'

Argentina: 'This Girl is a Mess'

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