Brushing Up

To achieve flawless makeup, beauty blogger Siobhan Bentley recommends five essential makeup brushes.

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Some makeup artists say your makeup is only as good as your tools. So, if you want to achieve a quick, flawless finish, it's necessary to invest in stellar brushes. Not only do they help keep your face spiffy, brushes also prevent the spread of germs or bacteria, which can creep onto your skin when products are applied by hand.

There are hundreds of tools and brands on the market, and it can be a minefield working out which is most suitable for you. Check out this quick guide to find the staples you need.

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For foundation, I love the Real Techniques Buffing Brush ($18) from the Core Collection. It can be used for liquid and mineral foundations, and the soft synthetic bristles create pixel-perfect skin.

When it comes to shading and applying bronzer, you can't go wrong with the Sigma F40 Large Angled Contour Brush ($14). Its slanted edge is brilliant at getting into the hollows of the cheeks to achieve a chiseled look.

Want to pop a soft highlighter onto your cheekbones? Try MAC's 109 Small Contour Brush ($34). Its soft, rounded dome tip is ideal for applying product to a precise area.

Onto eyes. Sephora's Classic All Over Shadow Brush ($15) helps to pack on color, and the wide shape ensures that product is evenly distributed.

To blend color in crease of the eye, makeup artists favor MAC's 217 Blending Brush ($22.50). It's oval-shaped and densely-packed to create the perfect blend.

With these brushes, you can easily achieve an unblemished, and hassle-free finish.

Siobhan Bentley is a 24-year-old Londoner, self-proclaimed beauty addict, and the voice behind A Girl and a Beauty Blog.

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