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Which one of Tim Gunn's comments was the funniest?

A. "What are you doing with those animal woolly balls?" (18%)

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B. "I see an homage to the menstrual cycle." (45%)

C. "It looks like a pterodactyl out of a gay Jurassic Park." (33%)

D. "She looks like an elongated marshmallow." (4%)

Which female Project Runway contestant could double as a fashion model?

A. SEASON 9 Anya Ayoung-Chee (65%)

B. SEASON 3 Alison Kelly (10%)

C. SEASON 8 Gretchen Jones (13%)

D. SEASON 11 Samantha Black (12%)

Which challenge was the most entertaining?

A. SEASON 10 Creating a look for the Radio City Rockettes (27%)

B. SEASON 5 Creating a look for drag queens (46%)

C. SEASON 7 Creating a look inspired by the circus (13%)

D. SEASON 3 Creating a look for man's best friend (14%)

Who was your favorite guest judge?

A. SEASON 6 Christina Aguilera (5%)

B. SEASON 4 Victoria Beckham (33%)

C. SEASONS 2, 3, 5 Diane von Furstenberg (59%)

D. SEASON 9 Kim Kardashian (3%)

What was the most memorable moment in the history of Project Runway?

A. SEASON 2 When Santino Rice imitated Tim Gunn (39%)

B. SEASON 3 When Laura Bennett accused Jeffrey Sebelia of cheating (7%)

C. SEASON 3 When Michael Kors brought his mom onto the show (9%)

D. SEASON 8 When Mondo Guerra spoke out about being HIV-positive (45%)

Which Project Runway look was most creative?

A. SEASON 10 Christopher Palu's Rockettes outfit (13%)

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B. SEASON 7 Jay Nicolas Sario's burlap-sack dress (3%)

C. SEASON 4 Chris March and Christian Siriano's avant-garde gown (44%)

D. SEASON 12 Helen Castillo and Kate Pankoke's dress made out of sombreros (40%)

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Which male Project Runway contestant was the biggest heartthrob?

A. SEASON 2 Daniel Vosovic (45%)

B. SEASON 6 Logan Neitzel (24%)

C. SEASON 7 Jesse LeNoir (20%)

D. SEASON 1 Robert Plotkin (11%)

What was your favorite Marie Claire challenge?

A. SEASON 12 Shoes First (winner: Helen Castillo) (5%)

B. SEASON 10 Professional Womenswear (winner: Melissa Fleis) (13%)

C. SEASON 9 Create a Look for Nina Garcia (winner: Kimberly Goldson) (55%)

D. SEASON 8 Create a Look for a Billboard in Times Square (winner: Gretchen Jones) (27%)

Which Project Runway contestant was the biggest drama queen?

A. SEASON 4 Jillian Lewis (8%)

B. SEASON 12 Timothy Westbrook (26%)

C. SEASON 1 Jay McCarroll (16%)

D. SEASON 9 Joshua McKinley (50%)

Which runner-up should have won?

A. SEASON 8 Mondo Guerra (63%)

B. SEASON 2 Daniel Vosovic (20%)

C. SEASON 6 Althea Harper (7%)

D. SEASON 10 Fabio Costa (10%)

Which one of Nina Garcia's comments on a look was most memorable?

A. "You went from a wedding to a funeral." (10%)

B. "It's like the smock a dental hygienist would wear." (12%)

C. "It almost looks like she has a foaming vagina." (51%)

D. "We went from Marilyn Monroe to Frankenstein here!" (27%)

Which winning designer's finale collection was the best?

A. SEASON 10 Dmitry Sholokhov (23%)

B. SEASON 7 Seth Aaron Henderson (10%)

C. SEASON 3 Jeffrey Sebelia(10%)

D. SEASON 4 Christian Siriano (50%)

What was the best look done in an unconventional challenge?

A. SEASON 1 Austin Scarlett's corn-husk dress (39%)

B. SEASON 10 Ven Budhu's candy dress (29%)

C. SEASON 3 Mychael Knight's peanut-sack skirt and Mylar top (materials from a waste management facility) (18%)

D. SEASON 9 Olivier Green's pet supply dress (14%)

Which season as a whole was most memorable?

A. SEASON 1 (25%)

B. SEASON 4 (28%)

C. SEASON 8 (18%)

D. SEASON 10 (29%)

Which high-fashion runway model would you like to see walk the PR runway?

A. Karlie Kloss (38%)

B. Candice Swanepoel (22%)

C. Joan Smalls (13%)

D. Liu Wen (27%)

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