10 Signs That You're a Feminist

Hate to break it to you, F-word haters, but you're probably more of a feminist than you think.

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Why is it that strong, empowered women, who believe in equal pay and equal rights, eschew the "feminist" label? That's the very question Allison Rapson and Kassidy Brown are trying to answer with their initiative to re-brand the movement. (Marie Claire interviewed the duo in the magazine's March issue). They hope to show people that feminism does not belong just to women, but to everyone. The term is not about gender-bashing but equality for all. Check out these 10 signs that show you're a total feminist.

1. You believe you deserve to be paid the same amount as any man for the same job.

2. You believe that women's careers are just as important as their male counterpart's.

3. You think it's bullsh*t when someone reduces your impassioned reactions to PMS.

4. You believe in equal partnerships.

9. You know how to take care of yourself and take pride in doing so.

5. You believe in women having access to affordable birth control.

6. You realize looking good is all about feeling good.

7. You believe in a woman's right to choose anything.

8. You think it's crap that powerful women are sometimes reduced to a label frequently heard on a playground.

10. You're not just about women's rights, but for equal rights for all.

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