We just caught the new movie Fierce People, and we can't believe we're saying this, but Donald Sutherland is hot. And not in the "he's a great actor" way. In the "we'd like to strip the 72-year-old down to his sock garters and get crazy with him" way. In fact, a poll taken at a recent mojito night revealed that every woman in our office has a grandpa crush, even the ones without major daddy issues. Hard abs and pecs are as much about impressing women as our handbag collections are meant to seduce men. We'll take the twinkly-eyed pops, old-man smell and all, because he loves our jokes, is quick with the black Amex, and always calls us "kiddo."

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A few favorites...

Paul Newman (82) We even found him sexy in Cars.

At 75, Peter O'Toole has more years, and more sex appeal, than the entire cast of Friday Night Lights combined.

The jacket photo on author Richard Ford's (63) Lay of the Land makes us wonder if he isn't . . . well, exactly that.

And while we don't want Joe Biden (64) to be president, we do want to play Senior Senator and the Naughty Page with him.

What do you think?