The Actress Who Played Teenage Jennifer Garner in '13 Going on 30' Just Turned 30

Feel old yet? (:

Los Angeles Premiere of Sony's 13 Going On 30; - After Party
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So, time flies. We all know this, but somehow it still manages to surprise us when things happen before we expect them to. Take for example Christa B. Allen, who played a 13-year-old Jennifer Garner in the cult 2004 rom-com 13 Going on 30. Well, Allen, I'm sorry to announce to you all, has officially turned 30 years old—leaving us all to wonder where the heck all those years went.

To mark the occasion, Allen, who is now a successful TikToker, released a five-part video named "Vienna," in which her present self meets her 13-year-old self, in a clever play on the movie's plot. In part two of these videos, Allen's young self also points out some home truths about the boxes 13 Going on 30 tried to fit women into. You can watch the whole series on Allen's TikTok or Instagram.

The actress-slash-content-creator also took to Twitter to explain the drive behind "Vienna." She wrote, "when I started my TikTok journey 2 years ago, I had no idea how much people would love '13 Going on 30' content. after several videos went viral, fans were asking for a sequel by the hundreds. this short series 'Vienna' is less of a sequel, more of a response- I hope you love it!"

Allen is also a lifestyle and fashion influencer on Instagram, and TBH her aesthetic is so satisfying, so I suggest you follow her immediately. Enjoy!

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