The Coolest Spas in the World

Start saving your frequent-flier miles, because these aren't your grandma's resorts. We've been buffed, primed, and polished across the globe (hard work, we know) in order to bring you a curated list of getaways that you'd actually want to spend your vacay days on. Not to worry, staycationers—we've included at-home treatments, too.

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Dior Institut (opens in new tab) at Es Saadi Gardens & Resorts in Marrakech, Morocco

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Check it out: Though it's handily close to the city's legendary bazaars, this palace retreat is nestled in the kind of lush gardens you'd expect from a Moroccan paradise and boasts views of the Atlas Mountains. Outfitted in artisanal rugs, intricately carved furniture, and opulent silk, the sweet suites feel majorly exotic.

Signature treatment: Make like a princess and bask in the traditional hammams at the palace spa, or head to the new Dior Institut for an updated antiaging treatment, like the Intense Youthfulness facial ($334), where no expense is spared as polished sapphire dust buffs away dead cells to reveal glowing skin. Decadent, no?

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DIY: Dior L'Or de Vie La Crème (opens in new tab), $350; Dior L'Or de Vie Le Sérum (opens in new tab), $395.

Rainforest Spa (opens in new tab) at Sugar Beach in St. Lucia

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Check it out: The Amerindians worshipped this area centuries ago. Today its turquoise seas and volcanic landforms play backdrop for rustic tree houses. The eco-friendly spa uses indigenous ingredients like lime and sulfur, while the background sounds of tree frogs, waterfalls, and running streams chill you out, big-time.

Signature treatment: Following the property's minimal-waste efforts, the lava shell massage ($150) pairs local, heated shells with delicious scented and medicinal oils that are glided across tired and sore muscles. Total win-win.

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DIY: Herb Pharm Arnica Oil (opens in new tab), $13.

Laucala Island Spa (opens in new tab) at Laucala on Laucala Island, Fiji

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Check it out: Ever wish you were invited to a private island? Red Bull cofounder Dietrich Mateschitz has officially opened his own personal oasis to the public, giving a whole new meaning to "exclusive."

Signature treatment: Traditional Fijian flowers and fruits are infused into various "rituals" offered at the spa, but we especially love that guests can pick their own native spices and herbs on-site to craft a DIY essential-oil blend.

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DIY: Organic Fiji Lavender Cold Pressed Coconut Oil (opens in new tab), $10.

Thereme Vals Spa (opens in new tab) at Hotel Therme Vals in Vals, Switzerland

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Check it out: Architect Peter Zumthor's sleek, modern design, strategically built over natural springs in Graubünden Canton (think storybook Heidi's hangout), is basically sensory overload, in a good way. The quarry-like quartz structure houses therapeutic thermal baths that are worth the pruny fingers.

Signature treatment: Try the Water Massage ($118), which takes place in a 95-degree pool and combines Shiatsu techniques with the healing benefits—improved circulation and joint-pain relief—of warm mineral water. Afterward, take a hike (yeah, right) or, say, how about a nap?

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DIY: Salin de Biosel Pur SPA Scrub (opens in new tab), $80; Salin de Biosel Bio Yang Thalassa massage oil (opens in new tab), $92.

Iridium Spa (opens in new tab) at the St. Regis in Le Morne Peninsula, Mauritius

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Check it out: After an exhilarating day of kite surfing in the Indian Ocean, kick up your feet here. Just off the southeast coast of Africa and home to a Michelin-star-winning chef, this spot is all about high-end beach bumming.

Signature treatment: Release toxins with the Kite Surfer's Respite ($200), by indulging in an Epsom-salt-, coconut-, and mango-infused bath followed by a muscle-stretching sesh.

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DIY: Valmont L'Elixir des Glaciers Votre Visage lifting anti-aging cream (opens in new tab), $530; Valmont Just Time Perfection, (opens in new tab) $195.

The Spa at Be Tulum (opens in new tab) in Tulum, Mexico

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Check it out: The laid-back beach town's most luxe hotel just opened an über-eco-chic spa surrounded by the lush canopy of the emerald jungle. Bonus: The pool, a true rarity in Tulum, is stunning.

Signature treatment: Try an ancient body-cleansing technique in the Ancestral Maya Sobada ($240) that uses native plants and abdominal massage to aid with circulation.

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DIY: Éminence Organic Skin Care Couperose-C Serum (opens in new tab), $48; Mayan Clay (opens in new tab), $30.


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