You Need to See These Insane Barbie Hair Makeovers

...Is it weird to be envious of a doll?

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(Image credit: @welovetheroyaldolls)

The internet giveth, and the internet taketh away. And today, the internet really, really giveths by presenting us with an Instagram account solely devoted to Barbie dolls receiving human-like hair makeovers with full-on photoshoots. Which is as magical and haunting as it sounds.

The account is called The Royal Dolls (@welovetheroyaldolls) and is run by a Brazilian Artist named Rafinha Silva who specializes in custom, super-realistic Barbie dolls. Usually, he takes an existing doll head, pops it off the Barbie’s body, shaves it, and then goes to work creating legitimately gorgeous itty-bitty wigs that he perms, curls, straightens, highlights, and, uh, everything else.

Oh, and he also expertly re-paints the Barbie’s makeup to the client’s specifications, adding smoky eyes, nude lips, contour and highlights, and even custom manicures. Because he is apparently the most multi-talented human in the world.

And though the video clips make the transformations look relatively quick and easy, a custom doll can take Silva more than two weeks to create, and cost about $154, according to Allure. Still, if you’re looking to fill your room with exact replicas of yourself—or, okay, gift one to a child—then it’s pretty damn reasonable.

Now excuse us while we go watch more ridiculously mesmerizing videos and contemplate buying ourselves a late birthday present.

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