Dear God, Someone Just Buzzed Bella Hadid's Ponytail in Half

It's like what we did to our Barbies when we were kids.

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Remember when 12-year-old you had nightmares that the boy behind you in math class would hack off your ponytail with a pair of scissors? And then you'd wake up grabbing your hair, thanking everything that it wasn't real life? Yeah, well, your worst nightmare just came true for Bella Hadid—though, luckily, the haircut was totally on purpose.

The 21-year-old model is currently walking the final shows for Paris Fashion Week, and, apparently, getting a new hair look, too. In an Instagram Story posted by celeb hairstylist Jen Atkin yesterday (who is responsible for virtually all of Hadid's hair changes), Atkin shows herself taking an electric razor and shaving off Hadid's ponytail in a clean, blunt line.

Obviously, it doesn't take much to cut a ponytail off—like, truly only five seconds. Hell, we could probably do it ourselves, now that we're older, if only we had any courage at all. Bella seems to love the new look, though, voguing for the camera in Atkin's next Insta story, before posting a bunch of back-view shots of her hair on her own Instagram Stories.

So does this mean we should all be chopping off our ponytails, because, fashun? Um, we'll let you know. To check out the haircut in action, keep reading, below!

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