It's Official: Ava Phillippe and Reese Witherspoon Are No Longer Twins

Bye, matching haircuts. Bye, cute twinning. Bye, everything I love.

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Ava Phillippe isn't an average high schooler—no, she stays out on school nights to walk red carpets and attend movie premieres because, well, her mom is Reese Witherspoon.

But you already knew that because, hello, everything about them looks exactly alike, especially their long, ridiculously shiny blonde waves.

But sadly, their twinning days are officially over because according to her recent Instagram story, Phillippe just "spontaneously chopped" her hair—in classic teenage fashion, of course.


The 18-year-old accompanied her mom to the London premiere of A Wrinkle in Time this weekstepping onto the red carpet with a new shoulder-length bob. According to the Instagram story she posted, the cut was unplanned (as most are), and we can all thank a London salon The Chapel for helping with her new look.

But if I'm being honest, Phillippe looks even more like her mom now—just a '90s version of her, circa Cruel Intentions. It's almost like she pulled out an old photo of her mom, showed it to the hairstylist, and said, "this." Because the resemblance between then mid-20s Witherspoon and current Phillippe is uncanny. See further mind-blowing proof below.

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