This Woman Used Eyelash Glue to "Fix" Her Broken Teeth

She straight-up DIY'd her smile.

What’s the first thing you’d logically do if you chipped your tooth (aside from cry and hit your brother, like I did in fourth grade)? Probably run to the dentist and beg them to professionally fix it, right? Welp, not if you’re Roxy Jacenko, an Australian woman who glued her broken teeth together with a few dabs of eyelash glue. Yup.


According to the Daily Mail, Jacenko—who is a Sydney-based publicist—slipped on her wet bathroom floor earlier this year and crashed, mouth-first, into the side of her tub, breaking her two front teeth in freaking half. Yes, you just grimaced and flung your hands to your face. Rather than sprinting to the dentist, however, Jacenko borrowed some eyelash glue and stuck ‘em back together.

“Omg, can you imagine adhering your teeth with Duo Eyelash Glue borrowed from the person doing your makeup ahead of a fashion week show?” Jacenko asked the Daily Mail. “It was funny!” Clearly, this woman has a way better mental resolve than I do, as I would have immediately lost my shit and called in sick to work. “Who knew how multipurpose good old eyelash glue actually was?” she added.

Thankfully, Jacenko got her teeth properly fixed this week and posted about the ordeal on Instagram, writing, “4 months after breaking two of my front teeth in half from falling onto the bath I have teeth again”….“no longer will I be adhering my teeth with eyelash glue 😂”

Though I personally applaud her ingenuity, I must add the boring, yet very necessary, disclaimer of “DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME.” Eyelash glue isn’t meant to be ingested, and gluing your teeth together can throw off the natural alignment of your teeth, screwing with your bite. Basically, get thy self to the dentist as soon as possible if this happens to you.


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