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Kylie Jenner Dyed Her Hair Pink with This $16 Tint

Wait, I can actually afford that.

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Please get your credit card ready, because Kylie Jenner has not only dyed her hair pink, but used an affordable product to do it. Which means for once in my life (and maybe yours, too), I can finally afford an aspect of a celebrity's beauty routine.

Already this summer, Kylie’s made a few major beauty changes, like chopping her long waves into a short, flipped-under blonde bob, before wearing a butt-length ponytail that cost $8,000 alone, and, most shockingly, dissolving all of her lip filler. What a wild, wild ride it’s been. And now, the 21-year-old has turned her blonde hair a bright shade of bubblegum pink.

The New Hue

Celeb hairstylist Chris Appleton posted a photo of Kylie’s new hair to his Instagram today with the caption, “Think pink 💖 LOVE this pink we did on @kyliejenner.” In the photo, Kylie is sitting in a white dress, hugging her knee, as one does, with cotton-candy hair. Appleton went on to describe exactly how he dyed her hair, writing, “To get the look, I was super gentle on the hair and used @limecrimemakeup Unicorn Hair Tint in Kawaii and Bunny and used Lime Crime’s Dilute Hair Mixer to make a super soft frosted pink.”

Simple enough, right? And, the most wonderful part: Each of these products is only $16. Yes, that's a very affordable, shocking, surprising price. (So, okay, technically, he used $48 worth of products to dye Kylie’s hair, but still—that’s insanely cheap, considering even a low-end salon dye job would cost at least $70.)

Of course, Kylie’s new color is only temporary, since all of Lime Crime’s products are vegan and semi-permanent, meaning it’ll gradually wash out in a month or so. So that only gives the new mom a cool 4-6 weeks to take a billion pink-haired selfies.

Courtesy of Brand

Still—not too shabby for an affordable product, right? If you want to get the look at home, be warned that these products don’t contain any bleach or peroxide, so you can only get Kylie’s light wash of pink if you already have blonde hair. But if you’re still feeling the urge to go pink, may I suggest making a salon appointment ASAP? I may or may not be doing that right now.

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